Host a Gourmet Backyard Burger Bash to Remember

images (14)Spring is here, and with it comes barbecue weather!  Make the first cookout of the season a memorable one by giving it a real gourmet twist. Why limit yourself to the boring standard burgers, hot dogs and chicken?
Instead try a bit of a gourmet approach and see how delightful your inaugural summer barbecue can be.
This gourmet concept maintains a down-home image; dubbed the Burger Bash BBQ, you keep it real with a variety of everyone’s grilled, bun-encased favorites, and you surprise your guests with some exotic and gourmet options. You also allow your friends’ creativity to blossom by encouraging them to present their own BYO favorites so they can build the burger of their dreams, and share their culinary preferences with everyone else.
For starters, get yourself a selection of ground meats. Include the classic staples – ground beef, chicken and sausage – and add  ground pork, turkey, venison, buffalo, steak, and any other options you can think of to the menu. With certain meats you may need to add special ingredients such as herbs or binding agents (egg and bread crumbs for instance) to make a tasty burger patty.  Go ahead, get creative and make a selection of meat patties for your guests to choose from, and fire up the grill!
Once you have your meats sorted, set up a variety of bun and bread options; for example, stack up some onion rolls, Kaiser rolls, pumpernickel rolls, sourdough rolls, etc., and always include the classic white hamburger buns that come in packages of eight, for those old school diehards. After all, you want all your guests to enjoy their burgers.  Make sure to have a great selection of fresh veggies, onions, peppers, leafy greens and the like on hand as well as a variety of dressings and condiments. Your goal is to put your creativity to work and launch the barbecue season with a backyard burger bash to remember.


  1. What a wonderful idea! The weather here is divine!

  2. Rhonda says:

    *mouth waters*

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