It’s Summer, so It’s Time to Luau

images (4)Well, we are embarking on summer so it is that time of year when one of the most common party themes is the Hawaiian Luau. So heck, why not just throw one and get in on the fun with the colorful blend of tropical decor and interesting food options? The thing with a Luau is that you can either go all out and authentic or just go a little kitschy to save money but still have a really fun time.

Decorations are your first concern, for example making sure all your guests get a lei to wear. Hopefully they will already be in some colorful, Hawaiian-inspired outfit. In terms of decor you need flaming torches, either real or electric versions. You also need a bunch of colorful flowers, bright summery printed  fabrics and table settings; basically just have fun and make it look cool. As I said, the sky is the limit when it comes to making it look good but you can’t go far wrong with a lot of color.

So now to the food. Well, barbecue is likely the best style to go for. If you happen to have the space, know-how and legal permits you might be able to set up a fire pit. With a fire pit you can get really fancy and roast up a whole pig. Now, doesn’t that sound fancy? Otherwise, make sure there is plenty of fruit, especially pineapple. Seafood of various descriptions are suggested as are various meats including Spam if you want the to be really Hawaiian. I know Spam doesn’t sound exotic but it really is popular over in Hawaii so there must be something to it. Essentially, just have some fun, create a really tropical style menu for your guests and let the good times roll.


  1. sounds like a blast!

  2. Kendall says:

    Cool idea.

  3. Alice fisher says:

    Is summer and there is nothing more fun than organizing a Luau Party

  4. Britt L. says:


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